Sam Loveridge - Clarity

There is something really special about this album, and I’m not sure exactly what. Possibly it is the naivety, or perhaps it is the way a song can have both banjo and hard rock riffs and it still makes sense, or is it that Loveridge doesn’t have a classical songwriter voice but it contains more emotion, more gravel, and has a tendency to be in key but it feels as if it could go off at any moment – not Dylanesque but moving towards that direction, and certainly more melodic than Springsteen.

He has a knack with material, with “Black Friday Blues” showing how he can transform songs by switching tempo and style in the middle. He is also not afraid to make statements, carrying on a tradition of songwriters through the ages, and “Killing The Dolphins” in particular contains lyrics to make the listener think.

  • Producer:Jamie Crerar & Sam Loveridge
  • Engineer:Jamie Crerar